Thursday, 4 September 2008

It's all about growth

I am now back in school. Yeah, for anyone who knows me well, this is where I am strangely comfortable. There is something nice about being where someone always has your back. Maybe I am just nervous about taking off on my own. Wait - if that's the case this program isn't the best idea... haha. It adds even more responsibility.
One of my instructors said something great yesterday. This job is about common sense, being able to justify and fit the protocol to the patient and not the patient to the protocol. If they patient will benefit and these benefits outweigh all the negatives, then do it. There are things you need to do but you need to be able to justify doing and not doing and supporting your decisions with medical knowledge.
So yeah I am back to school. Again.

And living with my folks.

And driving a lot.

Anyone got any tips on how to make me really bilingual? This french thing is tough.

Anyway - This is where I am at, still moving forward... still looking ahead.

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