Tuesday, 1 July 2008

holy transitions batman!

It's happening all around me and I can't seem to figure out what way to look. Like there is just so much going on around me... and I have no control. Maybe it is just the combination of beginnings, endings and being somewhere in the middle of other things... haha.

So what am I talking about... well here goes.
Finished my rideouts, did very well which I am happy about.
Finished the last week of school... which I did very well and was soo frustrated... haha.
Graduated from the Paramedic Program - all my colleagues are now spreading across the province at the moment I speak and it is good I am happy but at the same time - it's an ending and it's sad.

Still working at the transfer company - which brings with it it's own set of frustrations since voting in the union. My boss didn't talk to me at all for 2 months - how mature? I dunno.

Got a summer job in Prescott-Russel as a full fledged Paramedic. I apparently have my wings and I am being allowed to fly solo now. I think they're crazy... but I am happy too. The biggest challenge beyond it being a new job... doing the job bilingually! haha. that will be... interesting...

September 2008 - moving to S. Ontario (okay somewhere between Belleville and Oshawa) so I can take the Advanced Care Paramedic program at Durham. I am excited but there is not a tonne of support by a lot of the medics on the road. I am hoping that it isn't that tough to get the support but we'll see.

This all comes amongst or after testing after testing for different services, interviews, rejections, i got sooo tired and frustrated after all of that, felt so deflated and still... don't feel like the strongest person out there. I realized that I have a lot of strengths but the hiring process doesn't find any of those.. at all!!

So today is Canada day, it is sunny for the first time in a month... I believe it is time to go and enjoy the weather and try to get a bit of a tan!
Thanks for the rant time.

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Jennith said...

I didn't even know that you had a blog spot blog after all these years :D

Yeah for blogging - and boo for interviews that fail to see just how amazing you really are!!