Saturday, 30 December 2006

well this should be interesting?

First time... blogger virgin here!

Me. that is who i am. somedays i wanna be someone else.
today is one of them actually.

but today i am me, sitting here looking out at the front light of my neighbour realizing it is pretty with the snow out there. It has fallen, and it has stayed so far.

My jeans got slushy today.
now there is a salt line up the back of my pants. and some little splots there too.

Sometimes I like to be loud. not today tho.
i wish i was able to hide like a mouse today.

I'm what is commonly referred to as a Gypsy.
I come and go, i am here then gone.
Only difference is somehow I keep ties with these old lives I have lived.

So for now I am HERE!
Next year... it'll be somewhere else.

I am too smart so far for any man to fight for me.
maybe the independence thing and ability to shut off my emotions is the reason too.
but i have defence mechanisms up that surpass most others.
that is why next year i will be somewhere else.

Hee hee, I am so vague. I could be anyone!
Which mask do I choose today?
The one that keeps me safe from falling...
from attachment
from complication
I like that one...

Good night... from the emotional gypsy... aka wonder woman ;)