Friday, 7 September 2007

The sun looks like it's melting the world.

Today I walked out side and the sun was beating down with this orange-golden colour on the ground. It hit my skin with such heat and intensity... it felt like I was beginning to melt.
It's my first real weekend of school. And, this may be one of the last weekends I get... so I am glad that the weather is like harsh hot august weather. Maybe I will go to the beach... :) get a tan!!

My coping skills I was discussing with my school physician are apathy. Or the way she put it was that it is I am able to accept the things I cannot change... so I accept and even if I get frustrated I tend to just say... meh, screw it. Wow, this can be so effective! I did really good on my first test of the year (ya, the first "real" school week ends with a test... and ya... the marks were up by the next day around noon)

SO the year begins and the beginning of the turmoil and change are under way!

But why am I still dreaming of someone from the past. Talk about weird...