Saturday, 6 September 2008


entering the workforce, at any point in your life must always have a bit of worry, anxiety and even excitement. But... after watching my parents for years - they had some relatively good security. Maybe it was my childish view point, but what I remember is something that was expected to last, and often even supervisors that made sure you were doing well.

now what point and role are your supervisors supposed to play. when you are asked to perform a task or a job, are they supposed to make sure you know how to do it? when you say it is something you aren't familliar with - should they help make sure you are trained and comfortable? And at what point would that be grounds to let go?

I worry that I will get to a place and I will think I am doing well, but someday that someone will ambush me and say - you ahven't gotten any better at this job, so you should go now. Or I wanna know how much should be done before they just say "goodbye"?

I've heard of employers many times doing a review - pointing out good/bad stuff as usual - gotta have something to grow with. Then 6 months later one day you come in and they say - you ain't gettin any better... sees ya later!

It's not like these people are stealing from the company, like they are hurting anyone. Sometimes it is the lack of communication, the lack of support or the adjustment to management styles, etc that need to be nurtured. Not just left for 6 months, and then one day drawing the curtain and using that little cane thing to pull you off to stage left and shuffled out the stage door. Ya know?

You think you know who you are working for, the environment when you start is great and a couple or few years later they basically flip you the bird one morning and shuffle you back out the front door. NONE OF THIS MAKES SENSE TO ME! There is a reason I don't wanna be management. I don't want that responsibility. I don't think I'd do well with that kind of power either tho.

So I hope that I find a place that likes me, wants me to learn, encourages and works with me to become the best whoever and whatever I am supposed to be.

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