Monday, 1 October 2007

stretches of oblivion

so have i really ticked off people, ya.
I am not sure what to think yet.
I am goin to Montreal for the weekend and I guess I just had this realization that I think I may be the only one of the gals from SLP who isn't still in touch...
How frustrating.
Maybe more - wow, what did I do?
Was it cause I left there before most? Because I am too friggin emotional? Was I really that mean?

I have good memories of these people. I guess I didn't leave the same memories. I left the image of how weak and retarded I am. I guess in a telepathic way - woudl you guys forgive me for whatever it was I did? and... i am really interested in your lives, how are you really doing? I do miss y'all...
Anyway, just another rant in the life of the woman...

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